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Environmental Health

Flathead Valley Radon

Phone: (406) 570-5796 Website:

Services Offered:

Flathead Valley Radon uses the latest technology to provide customers with dependable, cost effective mitigation systems to make homes a safe environment from radon a radioactive gas that is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and chemically inert.

Lincoln County Health Department – Radon Test Kits

Phone: (406) 283-2442

Services Offered:

Lincoln County Health Department- provides Radon Test Kits. You should test your home’s radon levels if it’s never been tested or radon levels are unknown, preparing to buy or sell a home, before and after any renovations, before making any lifestyle changes in the home that would cause someone to spend more time in the basement or lower level (like converting a basement to a bedroom).

Lincoln County Health Department- Water Testing

Address 418 Mineral Avenue Libby MT 59923 Phone: 406-283-2442 Website: Water Quality- Water Test Kits

Services Offered:

Water testing for private wells – coliform

Montana Environmental Laboratory LLC

Phone: 406-755-2131 Website: Montana Environmental Laboratory LLC

Services Offered:

Montana Environmental Laboratory LLC has been serving government agencies, communities, businesses, and individuals throughout the state for over 45 years. The lab offers expertise in both microbiology and chemistry. They offer multiple water test kits including residential loan packages.

Radon Control Program- Montana DEQ

Phone: 1 (800) 546-0483 Website:

Services Offered:

Radon Control Program- Montana DEQ are energy bureau staff that manage the radon hotline and distribute free radon test kits to Montana Residents.

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